Mom Has Needs Too...

27 min

"Oh Goodmorning sweetie!!

Hey mom, is everything alright?

I don't want to stress you out baby, I'm just waiting for you dad to send this money for us..

I'm worried about you mom.. I saw what you were doing last night

What?! You were home last night??

Sorry I didn't mean to but, maybe I could help?

I'm gonna pretend like you didn't say that...

Aren't you horny? It's not THAT bad, when was the last time you had some fun for yourself?

I don't think we should be doing this...

My mother has been so stressed out recently, I accidentally saw her touching herself in her room... Maybe she just needs a guy to fill her up. My cougar of a mother loved every inch of my cock, I could tell she was craving to be touched and fucked! I think the idea of me watching her play with herself turned her on even more.. Watch me just barely make it out my mothers pulsating pussy before I spray my load up her entire body! "


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